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Dear Parents and Students,

It is a pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the QSI International School of Tbilisi. Since our founding in 1995, the school has provided a warm, family-oriented school environment that embraces collaboration, diversity, and a dedication to success for all students. Our goal is to offer an exceptional academic program in the context of a vibrant educational family. The warm atmosphere the school community has created makes QSI International School of Tbilisi one of the most positive educational institutions in Georgia. We are a diverse institution with approximately 250 students representing over 30 nationalities striving to inspire students through the building of an environment that fosters a love for learning.

The QSI curriculum consists of a rigorous course of study that prepares students to be successful in universities and colleges across the world. We offer a well-rounded curriculum, taught by certified teachers using a mastery learning approach.  Let me welcome you to our community of exceptional educators and students.


Jason Martin
QSIT Director