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Admissions Guidelines for Exceptional Learners



QSI Tbilisi may admit a student with mild-to-moderate learning needs, problems, or disabilities within the scope of meeting the student’s needs in the classroom.  However, it is important to know that QSI Tbilisi does not have a resource department and so there may be a limitation in accepting a student with special needs.  For students with mild-to-moderate disabilities, the school will review additional information, including evaluations, reports, IEPs, or school referrals required to help the school assess whether a program can be provided to meet the academic needs of the applicant. At times, QSI Tbilisi accepts special needs students based on the family or sponsor providing the additional school fees to cover the cost of additional professional services. QSI Tbilisi currently has partnerships with community resources (with an office in our school) equipped to provide Academic, Behavioral, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language services.

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