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Admissions Process

We look forward to welcoming in new students around the world to our special, lively community. QSI International School of Tbilisi is committed to providing safe, open, and inviting place to learn for students from two years through eighteen years of age. Our schools follow a logical model of education that measures success by the accomplishments and attitudes of our students. We believe that all of our students can succeed, that their successes encourage them to continue in a pattern of success, and that it is the schools’ responsibility to provide the conditions for success. 

QSI Tbilisi offers a rolling admissions system. Please refer to the following steps to complete the admissions process.

Step 1: Submit online application and cover the registration fee

The Registration Fee is a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $300 per student. Once your application has been received, this fee is due as part of the admissions process. 

Families new to QSIT, apply here. 

New Registration

Step 2: Submit supporting documents

Applications are considered complete once we have received all of the supporting documents.


Step 3: Placement Test and Interviews

Once the application and transcripts have been received and reviewed the next step will be to set up screening interviews and placement tests (reading, language usage, math,). It helps both school and students ensure they find the best match. Placement into grade levels is based on age, grade completion and the screening/placement test results.