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At QSIT, we are committed to providing a holistic and practical approach to Student Services. Our K-12 qualified School Counselor is responsible for the pastoral care of our students. Our elementary students receive support through helpful character development and social skills lessons and the Counselor’s office is a wonderful place for a change of venue when students are needing to refocus during difficult parts of the day. 

Our secondary students receive a helpful orientation as they transition to their Freshman Year and are guided through a process where they identify their natural talents and abilities as they plan their four-year academic program in order to be competitive in their college and university searches. Additionally, the college and career preparation program is supported by: on site presentations from university recruiters, university search consultant forums, parent information nights and regular weekly communications that include relevant materials to help with virtual university visits and searches. 

Learning support programs are coordinated by Student Services and are offered either independently or in collaboration with McLain Association (MAC) learning support specialists.

Student Services also advise QSIT Administration with matters to non-instructional services such as admissions/student transitions, transportation, and food services in order that our students have a happy, safe and enjoyable school experience.